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A Level Study Group


A levels Study Group
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This is the follow on community for exam_panic_zomg

exam_panic_zomg Is for GCSE students. If you are doing your GCSEs please go here I am finished with my GCSEs and never want to deal with them again. Do not post GCSE things in asexams Or I will kill you ;)

asexams is for A-Level notes, revision, questions, study tips basically anything A-Level but nothing else. Now, for the rules :

♥ Please make sure to file all your entries correctly in the memories. Everything must go in the memories. If you don't know what way to file them go to the memories and check. There will be something already there.

♥ Please, if you are going to join and use everyone's notes; post some of your own. It's unfair to leave it all up to a small bunch of people. (ie the way it was in exam_panic_zomg)

♥ Not so much a rule as a reminder, make sure you have it actually added to your friends page ! Or else you won't see when it's updated :blink:

♥ Put everything behind a cut. That way people who arn't doing sociology, for example, can just skim past cuts with "Sociology Question" or "Sociology module 1 notes"

♥ Last but not least, membership is open and unmoderated but I would appreciate it if you would leave a comment in the Friends Only post saying who you are, where you're from and what subjects you're studying.